Although security is our top concern, we can not control the listings posted by users in the EUlogis system. We use a Rating Certification system that allow users to gather ratings for each processed transport order through EUlogis, which should create a safer business environment by showing the reliability of each user. However, transport of any goods is not lacking safety measures. We recommend all our users to check all documents of the other party before agreeing to any transport.


  • - check if the loader has all the necessary documents for the loads (source of loads, purchase documents)
  • - check all documents of the loader company


  • - check if the carrier has all the necessary documents and licence for transport of the type of goods you require transported
  • - check if a valid insurance policy is available

Safety of your EUlogis account

  • - make sure you do not share your account details with anyone
  • - use a strong password for your account and change it regularly
  • - contact EUlogis team if you think your account was hacked to have it blocked and reset the login credentials