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Useful information for carriers, freight forwarders and companies undertaking logistics operations

Logistics operations and all of the activities that involve driving a vehicle and transporting goods/loads, especially internationally, require a lot of attention. Being prepared and well informed about all the regulations and taxes is essential.

Because the EUlogis freight exchange is invested in the client's well being and our mission is to offer great services and to contribute at your success, we have gathered some of the most important documents, containing essential information about driving restrictions, tolls, road charges, weight and dimensions standards and customs formalities.

The following table contains useful info about taxes and regulations regarding goods transport in 35 European countries. This way, our clients (carriers, freight forwarders, merchants and producers) can easily access the files and properly organize and prepare the future load transports .

Driving restrictions,
goods transport
Tolls /
Road use charge,
goods transport
Weights and dimensions,
goods transport
Customs formalities,
goods transport
Albania - Albania Albania
Austria Austria Austria Austria
Belarus Belarus Belarus Belarus
Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria
Croatia Croatia Croatia Croatia
Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark
Estonia Estonia Estonia Estonia
Finland - Finland Finland
France France France France
Germany Germany Germany Germany
Greece Greece Greece Greece
Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary
Italy Italy Italy Italy
Latvia Latvia Latvia Latvia
Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania
Luxemburg Luxemburg Luxemburg Luxemburg
Macedonia (FYROM) Macedonia (FYROM) Macedonia (FYROM) Macedonia (FYROM)
Moldova - Moldova Moldova
Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
Norway Norway Norway Norway
Poland Poland Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal Portugal Portugal
Romania Romania Romania Romania
Russian Federation Russian Federation Russian Federation Russian Federation
Slovakia Slovakia Slovakia Slovakia
Slovenia Slovenia Slovenia Slovenia
Spain Spain Spain Spain
Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland
Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom

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