About us

EUlogis is an online service that began as an improvement to the transport market. When the time is so important for you, all you want is a complex service with great prices and high professionalism. EUlogis  gives you the assurance that you can find here very fast the carriers that go on the routes which you need. 

We have a strong network of partners in the transport area, at national and international level. Together, we offer high standards of quality and safety.

EUlogis Mission – Our mission is to offer our clients great services and to contribute at their success.

EUlogis Vision – EUlogis.com wants to reach the level of excellence in all aspects of its activity. They are always preoccupied by having high quality of services in the logistics area, a high level of professionalism, safety and mobility. EUlogis wants to become the first choice of clients in terms of logistics services.

Clients and partners recommend us because:

  • - We provide solutions for any type of transportation;
  • - We have optimal prices;
  • - They found in us safety and speed;
  • - We are committed to our client's needs.

The most important principle for us is the professionalism.

EUlogis Objectives

  1. 1. The integration of the full range of logistics services by identifying the best opportunities of cooperation in shipping and storage.
  2. 2. The loyalty of clients – all companies with import- export activity.
  3. 3. The entrance on European market by ensuring high quality standards.
  4. 4. The development of a strong system of partnership with clients that trust us and have the same principles in their own company.

EUlogis is GREEN. Not only that we match carriers to loaders so that least waste in terms of transportation is done and every kilometer made by trucks count the most towards load transport, but EUlogis also uses servers powered 100% from renewable energy. Every little thing matters towards a better world!