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Find loads for your vehicles quickly. Establish new business relationships in few steps and optimize your logistics costs.

Freight Forwarders

Match vehicles and loads quickly using EUlogis system. Execute transport orders and cooperate with carriers in Europe efficiently.

Trading / Manufacturers

Get your loads shipped at minimum costs. Establish new business relationships whether you are a trading or manufacturing company. is a freight exchange system that puts together available loads, trucks and freight forwarders across Europe. The system offers Free Registration and Free System Use, regardless if you are a carrier, freight forwards, merchant or producer. can be used successfully for transport offers both locally and internationally. Using the freight exchange is simple, and it offers loads of features from listings management to advanced filters that allows everyone to search for the right offers.

As a carrier or freight forwarder, EUlogis helps you minimize empty kilometers by finding haulage on your return route or on new routes as you wish. Loaders can use the freight exchange platform to find carriers based on their needs, dates and vehicle types.

While registration is free on EUlogis and all users can post an available truck or load in the system, several premium features are also available to more advanced users, like agent accounts that can be added to the main account to offer access to multiple users in managing the company's trucks or loads. Ratings and unlimited contact requests are also some of the features available to premium users.

You can watch below introductory video to learn more about EUlogis system and how to use it and make the most of it.